Who Killed the Knapp Family? The economy is booming and working-class americans are dying at unprecedented rates. What exactly is going on? : Economics


First, well-paying jobs disappeared, partly because of technology and globalization but also because of political pressure on unions and a general redistribution of power toward the wealthy and corporations.Second, there was an explosion of drugs — oxycodone, meth, heroin, crack cocaine and fentanyl — aggravated by the reckless marketing of prescription painkillers by pharmaceutical companies.Third, the war on drugs sent fathers and mothers to jail, shattering families.There’s plenty of blame to go around. Both political parties embraced mass incarceration and the war on drugs, which was particularly devastating for black Americans, and ignored an education system that often consigned the poor — especially children of color — to failing schools. Since 1988, American schools have become increasingly segregated by race, and kids in poor districts perform on average four grade levels behind those in rich districts.The war on drugs was always a war on people.Prohibitions are anti-people, anti-health, anti-markets, anti-business, anti-freedom, pro-cartel and pro-authoritarian. Prohibitions obliterate harm reduction and allow excessive overreach of the state and enforcement into people’s lives over non-violent personal freedoms.Drug prohibitions, including the first drug prohibition (alcohol), only lead to large mafias and cartels that threaten us all, while criminality makes it hard to help people if they need it.Illegal drugs alone are $500 billion to $1 trillion that goes to cartels/mafias. Combine that with prostitution, another moral law area where criminality makes things worse, and mafias are top 20 GDP annually.Even if you believe drugs are dangerous, and they are, legal markets always promote more harm reduction and safety due to liability, safer production, help where needed from tax revenues and eliminate revenues for mafias etc. Prohibition all it does is attract and build mafias as seen in all prohibitions so far including alcohol. Illegal black markets cause a constriction of supply and an increased demand. Once a legal market emerges, safety in production, harm reduction get better as well as personal freedoms.If drugs endanger users, and they’d be safer with safer supply, then illegality and criminality of drugs endangers everyone due unsafe production and builds mafias that proliferate all areas of markets including money laundering into real estate, politics, increased violence and more.The War on Drugs has only made everyone more unsafe and each day it goes on the mafias that it builds grow stronger and stronger.Ending the War on Drugs could help the first step in this problem, a new market and jobs. Prohibition is anti-markets and anti-business while being anti-people and anti-humanity.


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