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Around a year ago I commented about online business, and there was a lot of interest in my unique perspective.First, I want to give an “inside” look on the whole internet business.Second, give my recommendation for those who are serious about this (it isn’t what I thought initially).So, how did I get started with “internet marketing”?Approx 13 years ago I started my first online business. It was a simple fat loss coaching service creating customized plans and offering weekly coaching.It was a very hard journey, but ultimately I was making a lot of money. I went from $300 the first month. To $5,000/month the first year. To ~$10k/month second year. And after ~4 years, I hit a record of $32k in 1 month.I also had a lot of super happy clients and amazing results. But those results came from a complete obsession and total commitment to this business. I worked 12-16 hours a day to make it happen.I kept working in that business until around 6-7 years ago.After having coached thousands of clients in fat loss, I wanted something more. So I started to investigate greater business models. I started studying marketing, especially digital (internet) marketing.I felt like I had found a new passion.I was finally excited about business again. Finally, all the time I spent learning how to get clients and run an online business, there was a field dedicated into it. So I jumped in.Maybe you’re in this phase, where you’re looking at online business/entrepreneurship and it looks like a dream.Initially for me, it was like a dream. But then, the more I got involved in the field, the more horrifying it became.I started to discover one tragedy after another, with countless of individuals that paid 10s of thousands of dollars for marketing coaching, and gotten nothing in return.And this is after they were hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt.Not only was I initially involved as someone learning and absorbing the material.I taught and coached as well. I had my own program. I got a lot of clients too.In fact, I made over $300,000 in 1 month coaching and consulting.While this seemed like a great result, it was the beginning the end for me.I’ve always been committed to client results. Real results. Not just making people feel good. I had built my first business entirely on that.The internet marketing field, on the other hand, is all about selling what people want (not what they need). It’s all about selling hope.”Make people feel good and take their money”In fact, internet marketers (Tai Lopez, Russell Brunson, etc..), many I’ve either talked with, or known those that worked with them directly.All those big name internet marketers KNOW what works. They know the truth about what’s happening. The astounding failure rate that people are having. The countless individuals that have gotten massively in debt joining their programs, and achieving nothing.It’s all a very big pyramid scheme.The line between internet marketers and con-artists is very blurry.The only ones that are succeeding are those that end up selling the dream to someone else. Just like those that succeed in MLM.It’s true, you can make A LOT of money in internet marketing but you’d have to be a sociopath. If you have no trouble making huge promises to suckers, then this is the field for you.If you truly only care about your results, and don’t care about your victims, money is to be made hand over fist. Here’s why:The fault isn’t only in the Internet Marketers. These individuals are also at fault.Initially, I put 100% of the blame on the internet marketers for furthering these lies and not telling people the truth about how to really succeed.But, as I worked in the field and got clients and students and ran my programs, I discovered what internet marketing really was.98% of consumers of internet marketers are essentially gamblers.They are looking for a “get rich quick” opportunity. They want something from nothing. A “press button, make money” system.They will never admit it.They will tell you that they want the real deal. But when you look at their behavior, they act exactly like gamblers.They spend all their time “investing” aka gambling into programs, courses, coaches, and other opportunities expecting an instant big return.They aren’t interested in mastery or real work or delivering real value.They are obsessed with “get rich quick”.This is what ultimately caused me to quit.I always hated “get rich quick”. I hated this kind of “magic money”. I knew it was bullshit. That’s not how real business works. You have to find a way to deliver real value. Develop a real competitive advantage.IT’S NOT EASY. If it was easy, then a lot of people would do it, and it would automatically lose its value.If something was “free money”, nobody would sell that to you!At the end, I felt like I was someone preaching celibacy in a brothel.I wanted to succeed more, faster, so more and more I started to “sell them what they want, deliver what they need”.The problem is how can you sell “get rich quick” and deliver “work hard and make money slowly”?It’s almost impossible.I slowly was seeing that the only way I can consistently succeed and achieve my big goals was to become like the other internet marketers. I knew that I could make an insane amount of money (like I had) but I would have to “sell my soul to the devil”.The amount of internet marketers that I know that DESPISE their followers/customers is astounding.They see them as sheep, and they are feasting on them.They are like the “Pick Up” artists that look at women as prey. They have 0 concern for women. Their only concern is “getting their trophy” and moving on to the next hunt and bragging about how quickly they’ve fucked their latest prey.But that’s not me. I’ve always been intrinsically motivated by helping others. By real compassion. Yes, I love to succeed, but not at the cost of others.I’d rather get hurt myself, than hurt others.There was no way for me to reconcile that in the internet marketing field. So I quit. I shut everything down.Why?Because money isn’t everything. Yes, it’s essential, but what’s more essential is your soul. Your peace of mind and internal fulfillment. If you make money by hurting others, you cannot be truly happy.In my first business, the most incredible experiences were when my clients got amazing results and written me a testimonial explaining how I transformed my life. Those words and the memory that I made such a positive difference in people’s life is worth 100x more than all the money I made.But I wasn’t doing that in internet marketing.The “clients” were gamblers. And it was impossible to get them results.That’s why I stopped. And I’m really happy that I did. After exiting the field I finally got my peace of mind again. My anxiety went away and I started experience hope and enjoyment in my life again.This is my warning to anyone who goes into that field. The level of deception in it is staggering. You have extreme predators who pretend to be soft sheep. They are cold hearted killers but when the camera is on, they smile and act all childish and dumb. It’s an incredible act of seduction and deception. And this is happening right now. All the time.Okay, so after all that, what is my recommendation now?First, I recommend to NOT follow internet marketers.Especially those on Facebook/Social media.The more popular the internet marketer, the worse they are.What should you do instead?1) Study REAL entrepreneurs.Those who had built real business (not those that just sell dreams). Especially those throughout history.Study business books and classics. Don’t join a cult.(Btw most content in this sub doesn’t fit that, most of it is just an echo chamber for these gurus).2) Separate your “work” from your entertainment.Internet marketers know that you are bored. You are stressed and are looking for something to make you feel instantly better. You are looking for inspiration.That’s why they make their content entertaining and inspirational.An example of that is Tai Lopez.He has built an entire set and has a whole group of actors to create a show that inspires and entertains you.But that’s not his goal. His goal is to sell you the dream and sell you his programs and sell you to his affiliates.If you want entertainment, go watch entertainment.If you want inspiration/motivation, go watch that directly.Don’t get it from marketers that want to sell you “make money” opportunities.The Business Model I RecommendAfter I quit, I thought, did anything good come out of all this? What did I learn from all of this?In all those years, I studied a lot of business models/opportunities, and saw what worked and what didn’t.As I said, my first business was coaching and it was a great business. But that requires A LOT of work. It’s a “full” business. You have to market, sell, and deliver everything yourself.The same with consulting.For a business that is “simple” to start, and simple to scale, and generates decent income and has good upside to scale.ANDIf you like reading/writing and have a passion(s) and love to share that with others.THE BUSINESS MODEL:Then creating a “resource” website that educates or providing information about a specific topic where people spend money.For example, let’s take fountain pens.Here on reddit, if you go to r/fountainpens, there are 146k subscribers.They are a passionate group that love fountain pens and spend a lot of money on pens/stationery.It’s very simple to create a resource website, for example, (no idea if this is an existing site).Then, you initially are compiling real knowledge.For example, looking at common questions that people have about fountain pens. Especially newbies.”Which fountain pen to buy?””Fountain pen for college students””Fountain pens for business””Best fountain pen less than $100″”X Brand Pen Review”You can easily see what topics/questions people have in forums/communities AND other resources websites.For example, you have a YouTube channel like The Pen Habit.Click Videos -> Most Viewed.Here are the Top videosEtc…Essentially, you find the top content and you create blog posts for the best content.NOW HERE IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART.This is the difference that I recommend. It must be a real passion for you.AND It must be a website that provide REAL, unique value.The key is that you must dedicate yourself to mastering this. The art of writing and creating real content.You want to have a website that you are ultimately proud of.It absolutely must not be a spammy type website (which do exist).That will require a lot of practice and time.BUTIt is straightforward.The best part is that you don’t have to do any selling.Nor do you have to “deliver” any service or product.You are essentially someone that synthesises information and better communicates that to people, and help people.How do you make money?From Affiliate links.You link to amazon / other affiliate programs / etc.It’s not a massive amount of money, especially in the beginning.But, IMO it’s the best effort/reward for those that like to write/like a specific interest.Other business models promise getting like $5k clients.99.9% of those who join those programs will never achieve that result.And even those that do, they don’t tell you all the cost that went into getting those clients.With those model, you don’t have to “create” a product. Or deliver it.Or even “sell” a product (like how a multi-level marketing opportunity promise, where you have to convince people to buy a specific brand of product).Essentially, you have thousands/hundreds of thousands of maybe even millions of people who have an active INTEREST in something (like fountain pens) AND they are spending money.You are just acting as a middle man. You are essentially helping them get what they ALREADY want.This is one reason why there are so much review channels on YouTube. Because it’s a “low hanging fruit” in a way.Anyway, that’s my recommendation for those that are seeking an online business model.Please be careful with your future.Don’t believe things that sound too good to be true. Follow only things that make logical sense and don’t require “a lot of hope” to believe.End of rant. Hope this helps someone. ~Mike


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