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Hey all,Thank you all so much for showing love on my first post: in today’s post I went ahead and put together a video audit for you:, This is the method I’ve used to gather new clients. I’m going to break down the video in text. The video is just an example.So if you’re done reading the first post. Let’s start. In 2020 I’m a strong believer in giving and you’ll see returns. I know this might not work for everyone as I know there are a few lazy people out there that don’t want to waste there time but the fact is if you put out a 1-3 minute video to a potential client they will see your value and reach back out to you because you aren’t the typical spam email. I mean you put a video together, gave them an SEO report of their website and went that extra mile. Value value value.In the video, you need to point out what’s wrong with their website. Are they missing an H1 tag? Do they have their social media’s up? Does it load for mobile? These are simple questions that you can research yourself just by looking at their website.Give them value: Let them know what’s wrong and offer to help them for free. Tell them there’s zero catch that maybe down the road we can eventually work together. This sticks out to business owners. I feel a lot of us have paid attention to the successful guru people of telling you to spam a bunch of emails, or mass DM every business on Instagram. A lot of us have lost sight that building a business takes time and you won’t succeed overnight. Everyone wants to be rich, but in reality, it’s probably not going to happen with you but that doesn’t mean you can’t live a great well off life by making 200K a year. Sorry for the off rant, but please give value. Don’t expect anyone to buy from you if you aren’t putting any type of value their way.Find these businesses through Google & Yelp (Check Pt. 1 of this post)In this video try not to be a robot. If you check the video out you can see that I’m laid back and I’m a person talking to another person. Always have confidence. I remember when I first started doing video audits I would re-record the same damn video at least 10 times because I was so nervous. At the end of the day, I don’t really care anymore. There are so many businesses to hit up that you don’t have time to worry about how you are acting on video. Just bring confidence, professionalism, and most important: BE YOURSELF.Following up: Remember to always follow up. This is key to any business trying to grow. Someone will probably look at the video and think its an awesome idea for them but you need to understand that business owners are busy. A follow-up email is the best thing you can do but make sure not to spam the owner. I would send the email with the video and wait 2 days, with a follow-up and then wait another 4 days, and one more time after a week. If you don’t see any return move on.From part one and just what I explained above, I’ve given you the secrets of success. Hard work. Nothing more. Put in the work and I promise you’ll see a return. Remember to have fun though. Don’t overwork yourself and don’t work 14 hours a day. I get you to want to grind but it’s just unhealthy and you’ll get burnt out. I remember for the longest I would listen to Garyvee and be super hyped and not wanna sleep and work and wake up and work work work. That stuff is wrong. I respect the hustle and hard work but you need to do it at your own pace. Slow and steady always wins the race. Always show respect to other human beings and deliver 100% customer service and you already beat 80% of your competition out there.I challenge you all out there to do at least 10 video audits a day. That’s 300 businesses a month. You really don’t think you’ll get any business in the next 3 months? Get a 1% return on 300 businesses at 3 clients and get those reviews going and you’ll start getting word of mouth!I hope this helps! AMA below.


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