People don’t run successful businesses. They build systems and processes that run the business for them. How i got rich in minecraft. : Entrepreneur


Title shamelessly stolen from a comment on my last post ( ) by /u/kite_heightA while back i made my first post on automation ( If you’re not using automation you’re wasting your time and money) and got a fantastic response (And, full disclosure, a few leads too). Today I’d like to talk about my favorite automation story.Disclosure: Together with my father I run three small businesses and also work as a freelance automation developer . Both of my businesses are highly automated and I’ve helped over 30 clients save more than a combined 100+ hours every day.If you’d like to read some of my previous posts, please check them out here:In all my years this has been something that’s been on the tip of my tongue, but this one statement summarizes it beautifully, and in my opinion, the essence of owning a business. You don’t run a business. You build a system that runs your business. If you’re running the business your business won’t scale, period.Two ExamplesThe automatic community: Not exactly a business but an organization nonetheless, i am one of the organizers of a very popular and public community in India. In the past we’d manually approve people off the waiting list for events after going through their profiles to see if they have no-shows against them, if they’re on our blacklist, prioritizing people who have attendeed previously etc. Each event was about 10 hours of work. It was a skill that was transferred to new organizers with training on how to do this rapidly.Now? A 10 second script. The same skill, the same information is now encoded in, well, code.Getting rich on Minecraft: A long time ago before Microsoft bought Mojang i used to play on a medium sized minecraft server. At the center (The “Spawn”) there were a bunch of shops. Each shop did the same thing: When the owner(s) of that shop were online they’d trade with users by letting the users pay them coin in return for items in the game.Well, why not just do it automatically? So i built a bot so that even when i was offline, the bot would be at my ‘shop’, trading. You could walk up to it and say something like “diamond” or “diamonds” and the bot would say “13 coins for a diamond”. You send the bot coins, and the bot threw out the items you wanted by interacting with minecraft through keyboard and mouse.Now this had a limitation: The bot wasn’t smart enough to go through various chests, it could only trade out of it’s personal inventory. But still, a 24/7 shopkeeper in that game made things very easy. As a result i was soon making more coins than all the other shopkeepers combined and then actually ended up selling my bot to another kid for $600.The minecraft example shows how money can be made anywhere if you can improve your processes. But if you try to do it all yourself (The “manual shopkeepers”), well, good luck. You’re not bound for failure, but somebody else with a better process could easily bulldoze through your business.If you have any questions, please comment and I’ll answer as many as i can!


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