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So last week, I made a post sharing this new side venture with the idea stemming from wanting to build up a large video game collection. I decided that since I have that entrepreneur tick, why not challenge myself to buy in bulk, keep ones I want, flip ones I already have or dont want and use that money to do it again!So I started with selling an old gaming PC I built in 2010 that was now blue screening for $70 and have been using that money to buy and flip games. My plan is to continue this process for many years from that first initial sale, keeping the money in a designated savings account. So far, I have made a sale of a GBA game and a Nintendo 3DS game!However, there are some issues I have faced and I want to share these experiences for others to see the process and what can happen. I went to Gamestop and took advantage of a Buy 2 Get 2 Free deal. Games I got:Goosebumps for 3DS $9.99Call of Duty MW2 $9.99Pokemon Sun 3DS $0Pokemon Moon 3DS $0Rock Band Wii $2.99Fable III Xbox 360 $2.99Skyrim Xbox 360 $0Destiny Xbox 360 $0First issue was that I sold Pokemon Moon for 3DS for $10.90, and then the buyer told me they thought it was ULTRA Moon and asked to cancel it. Kinda glad though because I feel it will sell for more than that anyway lol. Relisting it!Then someone accidentally bid $650 for the Goosebumps game lmao. How awesome would that have been if it went through? They retracted it though lol. I put that game up for $0.99 starting bid and Free Shipping. It was so cool to see it get bid after bid and the buyers fight for top bid until that last seconds when it sold for $7.50! This is cool because I essentially got 8 games for $26 so as long as they sell for at least equal to that, Im happy. Im keeping Fable III, Destiny, and Pokemon Sun so if they other 5 sell and I keep three games free, everything is good. Likely to end up with a profit margin too.I have been packaging the games sold nicely and including cards thanking each buyer and asking for positive feedback to get my ebay rep up. Ive been filming this whole process of me scouting for games and finding the deals is done with my gopro chest mount, as well as the auctions ending and watching the bids, and then how I package and ship to the buyers. If you want to see that actual process and journey, you can check it out on my youtube. I also make videos documenting my other (and more main) income streams to show the journey and share what I learn and encounter.Things I learned that can be helpful:Check ebay to see what price items are selling for to make sure it is worth it.Starting a $0.99 bid with Free Shipping gets a lot of attention and bids!You can cancel a sale even after someone wins it on ebay (which can be really beneficial)Items sell in like the last 3 minutes and its exciting to watch!Dont make auctions end in the middle of the day on a weekdayHope this is inspiring, helpful, or at least entertaining! Have a good rest of your night, legends!


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