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Santa Anita Suffers Two Deaths in First Week of Meet; Opening Day Handle, Attendance Drop Casino 🙁
How to Make a Tree With Fractals Wired (David L)
A new mathematical model predicts a knot’s stability PhysOrg (Kevin W)
On-chip integrated laser-driven particle accelerator Science (Chuck L)
Terrorists could make a ‘dirty bomb’ from this common medical device; why regulators won’t act PhysOrg (Robert M). Not to sound Pollyannish, but the hype over “dirty bombs” is way way way overdone. A dirty bomb is just a regular bomb with nasty radioactive material thrown in. The bigger the blast area, the less the severity of contamination. The problem is it does contaminate an area which then has to be cleaned up, which could be super inconvenient if it were, say, Grand Central. And the sort of people who are more worried about terrorism than vastly greater real world risks, like riding in a car, are particularly likely to get freaked out.
Australia Burning
This is not a Natural Disaster. It is Man Made Steve Keen, Brave New Europe (Chuck L)
The Australian: Murdoch-owned newspaper accused of downplaying bushfires in favour of picnic races Guardian (Kevin W)
To Replace Gas Taxes, Oregon and Utah Ask EVs To Pay For Road Use ars technica
Planes could fly together in V-shaped flocks to save fuel and cut down on emissions amid growing ‘flight shame’ over their environmental impact Daily Mail
Plastics Industry’s Greenwashing Aggravates Environmental and Health Crises TruthOut
China’s academics tackle the ‘Big Brother’ state Asia Times (Gordon W). Awfully late for that.
U.S. farmers see another bleak year despite Phase 1 trade deal Reuters (resilc)
A Quarter of the World’s Pigs Died Last Year in China New York Times
India close to concluding a trade package with U.S.: Shringla The Hindu (J-LS)
Former NSA Shivshankar Menon says CAA, Kashmir decision have isolated India from the world Scroll (J-LS)

Right. As we slough off the excesses of the holiday season, here are my five ‘known unknowns’ about the coming #Brexit negotiation….
First up: Will Boris listen to business? 1/thread
— Peter Foster (@pmdfoster) January 2, 2020

Paris Villejuif stabbings: Attacker shot dead after killing one and injuring others BBC (furzy)
U.S. reportedly strikes pro-Iran convoy in Iraq ahead of funeral for Soleimani Agence France-Presse. We really want that war, don’t we?
A New Year and a New Trump Foreign Policy Blunder in Iraq (resilc). Important.
A Shocked Iraq Reconsiders Its Relationship With the U.S. New York Times (Kevin W)
The Pinnacle of Trump’s Foreign Policy Stupidity New Republic
The Assassination of Suleimani Escalates the Threat of War Nation
Strait of Hormuz, the world’s biggest oil chokepoint, in focus as Iran tensions flare MarketWatch
Trump launches evangelical coalition after strike on Iranian military leader CBS News (Kevin W)
Reprisals against US to come at time and place of Iran’s choosing Guardian (resilc)

Been hearing for awhile that Trump Admin seriously believes the DC think-tank brainslop that Iran is on the verge of a youth-led color revolution, just needs one last push to bring about a pro-NATO Maidan revolution in Tehran. We’re ruled by dumb psychos.
— Mark Ames (@MarkAmesExiled) January 3, 2020

Senator Sanders Warns of Dangerous Escalation After Top Iranian Commander is Killed in Airstrike C-SPAN (Kevin C). Interesting C-SPAN picked this up.

Qassem Suleimani Iran’s Shadowy Commander Who Has No Shadow my incredible scoop about the legendary commander
— Karl Sharro (@KarlreMarks) October 8, 2014

The Killing of Osama bin Laden Seymour M. Hersh, London Review of Books (2015)
Big Brother is Watching You Watch
#MeTooBots that will scan your personal emails for ‘harassment’ are an Orwellian misuse of AI RT (Kevin W)
Company shuts down because of ransomware, leaves 300 without jobs just before holidays ZDNet (Chuck L)
Google cuts off Xiaomi smart camera access after bug showed photos of strangers’ homes CNET (BC)
Y2K20 Parking Meter Software Glitch Causes Citywide SNAFU Gothamist. Chuck L: “The Internet of Shit.”
Trump Transition
Under Trump, the U.S. Has Become a “Known Unknown” Atlantic (resilc)
Trump’s ‘West Point Mafia’ Faces a Loyalty Test Politico. Chuck L: “About six weeks old but as of last evening VERY pertinent.”
Trump asks New York judge to dismiss rape allegation case The Hill. The claim is actually defamation and it’s unfortunate that it is the NY Post that makes that clear: Trump files to dismiss columnist E. Jean Carroll’s defamation suit
Russian pranksters strike again: Fake Greta Thunberg convinces eager US politician that she has dirt on Trump RT. Kevin W: “It’s Congresswoman Maxine Waters.”
McConnell digs in on impeachment: ‘Non-starter’ for Pelosi to influence trial The Hill. Predictable, but now official.
Bernie Sanders’s Momentum Continues With Massive Fundraising Haul Vanity Fair
Malibu wants to ban all pesticides. The state of California says that’s against the law Los Angeles Times (J-LS)
2019: A Year the News Media Would Rather Forget Matt Taibbi, Rolling Stone (UserFriendly)
First Nation looks ahead after court sides with natural gas company CTV News (David L)
Manhattan property decline worsened as Wall Street boomed New York Times
Amazon employees who spoke out about climate change could be fired The Verge (Kevin W)
Ciities Struggle To Boost Ridership With ‘Uber for Transit’ Schemes Wired. Of course, zero mention of the fact that the availability of Uber vehicles is achieved only through billions a year in investor subsidies.
Tesla “Autopilot” has killed 3 more people in past month — It will get far worse from here Medium
Tesla Tops Wall Street Estimates With 112,000 Vehicle Deliveries In Fourth Quarter CNBC
Car Sales Boom Hit the Brakes in 2019 Wall Street Journal. Catching up with Wolf Richter.
Class Warfare
“Shit-Life Syndrome,” Trump Voters, and Clueless Dems Counterpunch (resilc)
Antidote du jour. From Heresy 101:
Last New Years Day, the coyotes got our dear little Rocky. He was more like a teenager than a cat: he would boss you, argue with you, tease you, and comfort you. At night, those big eyes were like headlights!We miss him so.

An anti-antidote from guurst, which strikes me as fitting in light of our Middle East misguided macho:

When natural selection trumps sexual selection…
— Steve Stewart-Williams (@SteveStuWill) July 26, 2019

And a bonus, moar cats:

retweet to bless someone’s timeline 😻
— Emergency Kittens (@EmrgencyKittens) January 4, 2020

See yesterday’s Links and Antidote du Jour here.


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