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Nation’s defense contractors promise no attack against US will go unprofitable Duffel Blog
‘Techlash’ Hits College Campuses NYT
History of Mel Brooks: Both Parts Jewish Review of Books
Cashmere country: the perils of making the world’s finest fabric Guardian
‘Help me!’ A young girl’s sign in car window isn’t what it seems, California cops say Sac Bee
New Lithium-Oxygen Battery Could One Day Power Electric Cars NBC UserFriendly: “They could…. if you thought the problem with Lithium Ion Batteries was they weren’t explosive enough.”
Federal court stops longline fishing to protect turtles off California coast LA Times
The tortoise whose rampant sex drive helped save his species is finally retiring WaPo
Before you hit ‘share’ on that cute animal photo, consider the harm it can cause The Conversation
On the Waterfronts The Baffler
Taal volcano eruption forces thousands to seek safer ground in the Philippines WaPo
Class Warfare
The 1% are much more satisfied with their lives than everyone else, survey finds WaPo (Dr. Kevin)
More States Are Reconsidering Medicaid Work Requirements TruthOut
City knew ferries have been for the rich since day one, documents reveal NY Post
Against meal kits Salon. Common sense – do people really need to be told this? Isn’t it self-evident? I can understand the allure of takeaway, but….this is ridiculous. And people pay for this ‘service’?
Reporting Recipe: How to Investigate Professors’ Conflicts of Interest ProPublica. I don’t expect readers to rush out and do any reporting, but the the questions asked in this article are useful to consider when evaluating  the evidence offered by experts cited in any context.

I remember when neoliberal shock therapy destroyed Russia’s once-thriving “creative class”—writers, journalists, actors, artists, along with teachers, doctors—how American-Anglo journalists hectored them with endless sermons about “the market knows best”
— Mark Ames (@MarkAmesExiled) 12 January 2020

Health Care
For Her Head Cold, Insurer Coughed Up $25,865 Kaiser Health News
High Drug Prices? Pharma Startup Thinks It Has the Right Medicine WSJ
Big Brother IS Watching You Watch
Google search data used by pharma giant to bombard users with ads for addictive opioids ABC (Australia) (MCC)
Wild West: Firms interpret California’s privacy law as they see fit Politico
737 MAX
Blackout Bug: Boeing 737 cockpit screens go blank if pilots land on specific runways The Register
A Dangerous New Era in the Middle East Der Spiegel
Iran: Mass protests call for leaders to resign Deutsche Welle
“Iran Must Begin Acting Like A Normal Nation,” Says Totally Normal Nation Caitlin Johnstone
Trump’s Iran adventure has Japan over a barrel Asia Times (The Rev Kev)
Heads of Libya’s warring sides to hold talks in Russia Al Jazeera
Macron meets with African leaders to boost fight against jihadists in Sahel France 24
Prince Charles has Duchy Originals – who’s to say Harry and Meghan can’t have their own global enterprise? Independent
Erdogan’s dream, Istanbul’s nightmare Qantara
Australia Apocalypse
Australia fires: Aboriginal planners say the bush ‘needs to burn’ BBC
Australia’s fires have pumped out more emissions than 100 nations combined MIT Technology Review
Australia fires: PM admits mistakes in handling of crisis BBC
Even for an air pollution historian like me, these past weeks have been a shock The Conversation
Iran Crisis: India-US Defence Pacts May Limit Ability to Say ‘No’ to Military Assistance The Wire
The Limits of Hindutva Jacobin
Nehru’s idea of India is under attack from the nationalist right FT
India Is Abandoning Fundamental Rights, Say US Human Rights Lawyers The Wire
Startups cutting employee costs Economic Times
Trump Transition
Rand Paul says Trump keeps appointing advisers who “love Dick Cheney’s position” Axios
Democrats scramble to rein in Trump’s Iran war powers The Hill
EPA’s Superfund program, a Trump priority, is in shambles Grist
Waste Watch
How do I choose a more climate-friendly phone? Grist
As 2020 Race Heats Up Ahead of Primaries and Caucuses, Sanders Surrogate Argues Biden ‘Has Repeatedly Betrayed Black Voters’ Common Dreams
How Bernie Sanders would upend America’s global role WaPo (UserFriendly)
Joe Biden’s Vote for War NYT (KC)

Warren’s China/trade approach is the one area where she out-distances Bernie policy-wise. Bernie had China right in 2000, but China in 2020 is a very different problem. It is a powerful authoritarian nation with frightening global ambitions.
— Matt Stoller (@matthewstoller) 13 January 2020

Warren, Sanders campaigns spar in rare show of discord between progressive Democratic contenders Reuters
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