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I recently started a residential and commercial cleaning business with zero experience up front and I landed my first client sooner than I could have ever expected.My BackgroundI am 28 and have worked office 9-5 type jobs my entire life. I’ve always been a good employee and hard worker but never have I ran or managed a business before. Needless to say I didn’t exactly know what I was getting myself into.StartingMy goal was to only do the bare minimum first before starting. That way I could test the waters of this industry and figure out the rest once I had money coming in.I came up with a name for my business – which was a result of sitting down with a pen and paper and writing down every good, bad, and terrible name I could come up with. I got a list of about 30 – 5 of which were actually good – and 2 were both good and available.Logo – This was the most fun part, even though I’m not an artist whatsoever. I drew a basic idea of what I was thinking and paid someone on Fiverr to spruce it up. It cost me literally $7 to make my logo and I love it.Business Cards – Once I had my logo created I used the online tool on Vistaprint and designed a simple card and ordered 1000. Super easy.Website – I’ve never designed a website before so I used Wix to make a simple 3 page site. It’s not glamorous but again the goal was to do the bare minimum to start.Purchased Supplies – For less than $500 I bought everything needed to clean a house and look professional.Feeling DefeatedNow it was off to the races, telling everyone I knew about my new business and getting some marketing in. I had purchased a dog kennel from someone off Craigslist and mentioned my cleaning business. He seemed interested. About a week later he had messaged me inquiring about rates. We agreed on a price and day. I couldn’t believe it! My first client. Then…. He sent a follow up message “Would you mind wearing something sexy?”. I felt so defeated.. thinking “is this really how it’s going to be..? should I just give up”. I never responded. I talked about it with my boyfriend who gave me some good advise to save that message because when I do succeed I’m going to look back at it with pride. After about a day I was back in the mindset that I was going to make this work.Back At ItI made an account on Thumbtack, made my profile and bio professional looking and set my prices higher than the average. Within a few days I got my first lead. I quoted her and she went with it for $80/hr! My first client!I ended up cleaning her house which went extremely well except for the fact I purchased a broom that I can only guess was made for a child (note to self: buy new, adult sized broom).SummaryI know this is a tiny little success compared to most of the people here on entrepreneur but I wanted to share this part of my story for anyone, especially other women who have thought about starting their own business. I thought it was important because I still work a full-time job, have family commitments, and have never done anything like this before like a lot of other people. I’m intimidated every step of the way yet it all seems to pan out okay if I keep at it.With the help of my boyfriend we have decided to document this journey of my starting a business on YouTube. The first two episodes are a synopsis of the above information, but feel free to follow along on this little adventure of mine if you’d like 🙂 https://youtu.be/aEkFXh6WZ8o


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