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From past 1 year there have been more 90k$ earned through Online Earning.  Nowadays, online earning is the most important thing in every aspect in order to lead a prestigious and luxurious life.
Computers, Laptops and smartphones are being used by almost every one, but most of them are not aware that by these mediums one can earn online money by sitting at home.  There are many mobile applications (Android and IOS), websites and forums where one can generate passive income.  Some are genuine and some fall in a category of fraud and scams.  Generally, applications or websites which are free comes under the scanner of fraud, but there are still few websites which are free and genuine in online earnings.
Appen is one such website where one can earn genuine real online money without any investments.  One can earn daily 10$ to 20$ daily, but what is Appen?

What is Appen
History of Appen : Appen Limited (formerly known as Appen Butler Hill) is a publicly traded company listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) under the code of APX.  In Short, Appen is a data collection company that uses information (gathered from human interaction) to make machine learning programs act more “human-like”.
Data types include speech and natural language, data, image and video data, text and alphanumeric data and relevance data to improve search and social media engines.  Appen’s customer use machine learning for a variety of use cases including automatic speech recognition (ASR), computer vision, increasing conversions in eCommerce, delivering more meaningful and personalized advertising; enhancing social media feeds or improving customer service capabilities with tools like chatbots and virtual assistants.
For machine to demonstrate artificial intelligence, they need to be programmed with human-quality training data that helps them learn.  Appen uses crowdsourcing to collect and improve data and has access to a skilled crowd of more than 1,000,000 part-time contractors who collect, annotate, evaluate, label, rate, test, translate and transcribe speech, image, text and video data to run it into effective machine learning training data for a variety of use cases.
The company’s global headquarters is in Chatswood, New South Wales which is 10 kilometers north of the central business district of Sydney, Australia.  The United States headquarters is in Kirkland Washington which is suburb of Seattle and there are also US offices in San Francisco, California and Detroit, Michigan.
How can i earn money from Appen?
Become an Appen independent agent and start earning daily.  An Appen independent agent is an independent contractor that creates and manage their own business.  Appen independent agents contract with Appen to provide search engine evaluation for Appen clients.
Click Sign up and register with Appen, you need to select your country first and follow the instructions.  There is absolutely no cost to become and independent agent.  However, required computer equipment, internet access and working space is required to perform the tasks and assignments.  Appen also does not charge any registration fee.  One must be at least 18 years of age to become an Appen agent.  Many Appen independent agent assignments require fluency in a language other than english.  For these assignments, independent agents will be required to pass a language assessment exam.
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