How To Start A Side Hustle #1


Hey guys, I am doing a four-part series on how to start a side hustle from start to finish, I thought you guys would really benefit from it so I made a little summary for you all, if you want to watch the video I’ve included it at the bottom of the text.So first, what is a side hustle?Most people think it’s just making money on the side, which in simple terms it is. But to me, it’s a way of making money, almost a lifestyle. It’s making money whilst maintaining a full-time job or studies with a minimal amount of effort every week. Something that becomes habitual in your life and doesn’t stress you out, an easy way to make money with about an hour per day or ten per week commitment.I myself, maintain a part-time job which is 20 hours per week, then my own business which is about 30 per week and then my side hustle which is about five-ten per week. By the way, I have been doing this very same side hustle for about two years now, on and off, bringing in about $250-$500 per week.What do you need to start a side hustle?The willingness to act – Its simple but it’s not, if you can’t actually act upon your decisions then nothings ever going to happen. You actually need to write down your goal somewhere, you actually need to tell yourself you’re going to start a side hustle, you actually need to put yourself out there, you actually need to do it. Don’t let excuses take over, just act now.The right mindset – You are never going to actually find the right idea to start a side hustle without the right mindset, if you don’t look with an open mind you may as well not look at all. You also need to tell yourself that you are going to achieve those goals and that you are going make it happen. You need to open your mind up to the encounters you will have whilst on this journey so you can properly adapt. More on idea generating in the next part by the way.Now some things you don’t need to start a side hustle.Money – You seriously don’t need money to start a side hustle, it’s the lamest excuse out there by far and you know you’re just lying to yourself. You want to buy and sell things, start by picking up free items on a local listing and selling them for $5, work your way up. You want to tutor English to Japanese people on a paid tutoring website but can afford the tutor membership fee? Start on Fiverr, till you have enough to join that site. You want to do uber eats but can’t afford a bicycle, just run your first order then buy a really shit bicycle for $10 on gumtree. Bonus, if they ask where your bike is, say I just got robbed but managed to defend your food, if you don’t get a tip that’s just wrongTime – I’ve already said before but I dedicate about five-ten hours per week at the moment to my side hustle and easily bring in around $250-500 per week. You seriously don’t need to put that much time in, there are photographers who shoot fancy events for just one day and get paid over $4000. There are no reasons you can’t get to that level as well.A Degree – You don’t need a degree in business or marketing to start a side hustle. It kind of defeats the purpose, side hustles are meant to be simple, so keep them simple. My side hustle simply involves reselling a handful of items again and again. I use Facebook Marketplace to buy and then sell the item. ‘Excuses – One thing you really don’t need for yourself is excuses. I started my side hustle with $100. I didn’t have a car to go pick up these items I resold, I was getting trains and buses constantly. I actually had my face swell up due to being allergic to hair dye and not realising. Yet I was still catching trains and buses to get these items, look up allergic to hair dye or watch the video to realise how messed up this looks hahaha. My items are heavy and big by the way, so it wasn’t that fun to carry them around everywhere and was really tiring, but I still did it. There are definitely some situations where your excuse is valid, but a lot of the time you are just lying to yourselfLastly, what are side hustles capable of?They are almost limitless is the quick answer. There are many stories of people making hundreds of thousands of dollars from side hustles, they can quite easily and very suddenly turn into a full-time income. But that’s not what they are about in my opinion. A side hustle is in the name, its something that you’re supposed to do on the side, if you want to have your own business this isn’t the right way to go about it, if you want funding for your own business then this is the right way to go about it.Hope you guys enjoyed the summary and if you watch the video I would really enjoy some feedback on it as I am very new to video making and teaching. I’ve only included about half of what the video is about in here. If you wanted to learn more about goal setting before starting your side hustle definitely check it out!. Good luck everyone, let’s make 2020 the year of success!PS Ill post the next part in a week, then the next in another etcHere’s the video:


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