How To Bring In Thousands Of Website Visitors Per Day From The SEO Expert Brands Like Patreon, Four Sigmatic And Intuit Turn To


[ Download MP3 | Transcript | iTunes | Soundcloud | Stitcher | Spotify | Raw RSS ]Nat Eliason knows content marketing.He first learned through an internship at Zapier writing for their blog, then a job working with Noah Kagan to ramp up content at AppSumo.While all of this was going on, Nat was also working on his own blog,, which grew to 450,000 visitors per month.What’s his secret? Well, to be honest, it’s mostly hard work, and as he says in this podcast — being prepared to produce the kind of articles most people don’t.From Male Sex Advice To Selling TeaNat’s entrepreneur story goes to some interesting places.Although he is known as an expert on content marketing and currently runs, a full-service content marketing agency, he has used his skills to create content and attract audiences in other topics as well.Take for example the time he decided to write deep how-to content on male sexual health, including headline-grabbing subjects like “how to last longer in bed”.These articles did so well, that Nat was able to turn the traffic into a $3,000 to $4,000 a month income stream from sales made through a downloadable app he linked to from his content. He used this income to fund travel, living several years as a digital nomad.Eventually, he returned to San Francisco, the city where he first learned content marketing as an intern at Zapier. His reputation and contacts led to consulting work for some big brands, including Patreon and bone broth company, Kettle and Fire.From there was born, which in turn led to a spin-off project,, a tea website.Initially was created as a case study to demonstrate and teach how to do quality content marketing. The example did so well, that Nat’s wife took the project on full time.Today they make over $8,000 a month selling tea and at the time of this podcast recording, were opening up a Cup and Leaf tea shop in Austin, Texas.SEO FundamentalsThroughout this podcast, Nat talks about various things he does to get a lot of traffic through content.I also ask him specifically, what does it take to rank well in Google today and who should consider doing content marketing.While it’s not easy, the end result is a free traffic source that can be used to make a lot of money, as Nat has demonstrated several times.If content marketing is part of your growth strategy, make sure you listen to this podcast.Enjoy the episode,YaroTopics Covered In This PodcastHow playing video games helped Nat Eliason prepare for his entrepreneurial journeyNat’s journey ‘fluking’ his way to raising $225,000 for his first startup despite not having any skillsHow Nat ‘hacked’ his way through to graduate from university with a degree despite not studying properlyThe transition from failed startup to expert content marketerTop tips on how to effectively execute content marketing strategyNat’s first experience of generating $2,000-$7,000 a month in passive income and how that went to hell after his site got hackedWhy getting your existing team to learn and implement content marketing is a bad ideaHow came to exist in its current form todayNat’s top SEO / Content Marketing tool recommendationsHow he ‘accidentally’ started up, generating over $8,000 per monthRelevant Links[ Download MP3 | Transcript | iTunes | Soundcloud | Stitcher | Spotify | Raw RSS ]If You Enjoyed This Episode, You May Also Like…


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