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TLDR: This is exactly what I did to get my million dollar idea; the world’s first handheld GPS Tour Guide system. For complete info here’s my bookPart 1Part 2My StoryTo get my million-dollar idea, I started as discussed above. I knew I was ready for the idea. I needed the idea. I was ready to work on it. I knew roughly how much money I wanted. I knew I wanted to work on the idea right away—and I was living in New York City, so I needed to be able to work on it there.I spent about two or three weeks in my apartment focusing my brain on the problem. I needed an idea for a business or a project that would make me my money. Every night, I would focus on the fact that I needed a major business or project on which to work to make my money. I repeated to myself that I was ready for it and needed it. I was ready for the millions of dollars. I was ready to do the work. I simply needed a good idea, and I would work on it and make it happen once I received it.I thought all of these things and sometimes said them aloud: “I am ready and able to receive the money. I am ready to work on the idea that is delivered to me. I am excited to work on the project and to have the money. I am excited, ready, and willing to move into my new life.” I repeated some version of these things to myself nightly and on most mornings.For two weeks, I perceived no positive changes. I thought a bit more during some days about what my idea should be, but nothing concrete materialized. I did not think about the fact that nothing happened. It did not worry me at all. I had faith in the process—and of course, knew I did not have anything to lose by doing what I was doing. So, I continued.Then came a day I will never forget.It was a cold, sunny December afternoon in New York City. I had finished my Christmas shopping and had a free afternoon to do whatever I wanted to do. Christmas time in NYC is wondrous and enjoyable. It is pleasant to see people out and about, so I decided to go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art up on Fifth Avenue.The purpose of going there was twofold. First, to see visitors from all over the world. Second, to find inspiration from the art. Some of the art is ancient, some more recent, but all of it was produced by men who worked and focused intensely to create something that years later people still line up to see.The people and things you surround yourself with have an impact on you. Your thoughts influence your life. I thought thinking about and seeing creative art would help me to create something. I was looking to be inspired.At the museum ticket desk, I rented an audio-guide device that explained some of the more popular art pieces. You carry the device with you—and find a piece of art with a number on the wall next to it. You type the number into the device and listen through the headset to learn about the piece of art.As I walked up the large marble staircase inside the museum, I unrolled the wire from the headset. “This is a cool device,” I thought, “Somebody should do this for all of New York City.” Then, just as I reached the top of the steps, a bolt of lightning hit me: “That somebody is me.”The audio device would not work outside in New York City, as I was sure nobody would let you affix numbers to different points-of-interest throughout the city. Instead, it would have to use GPS (Global Positioning Satellites) to know where you were. “That might work,” I thought. “Wait,” I thought, “it would work!”At that moment, at the top of the steps in the Met Museum, I knew I was the perfect person to work on the system. I knew I had my idea. My efforts to come up with a good idea worked perfectly.In Your CaseThe specifics of your idea will be different from mine. However, the process you go through will be similar. You need to focus on getting your idea. You need to tell your subconscious mind any details it needs to know about your situation and the idea that you need.Maybe you need an idea that works well in the winter, for example. Or maybe it needs to be a summertime operation. Or maybe it has to be in a certain field such as farming or computers or travel or retail marketing or… whatever it is that you need. It is good to focus on an area you enjoy and/or in which you have specialized knowledge. (In my case I did not give a field to my subconscious mind—it simply scanned through my experience and said to me, “Hey, a GPS tour guide is a good idea.”)After you focus on the problem for a sufficient amount of time, your subconscious will deliver the answer to you. You will know it when you receive it. It might come to you in a dream. It might come to you while you are walking up a flight of stairs or while driving your car. You do not know when, where, or how the idea will come to you, but how it comes to you does not matter.Nobody understands how this process works. You focus energy towards a thought (a problem) and your subconscious reaches out to somewhere to obtain the answer. It receives (or creates) the answer and delivers it to your conscious thought. No mortal man has an explanation for this amazing, wondrous process. But it works.When your idea arrives, welcome it. You have been blessed with your answer and your new friend, this wonderful idea. Treat it with the joy it deserves. It will be with you for quite some time, and you will remember it for the rest of your life. So, welcome it.Then get to work.What Next?It does not matter when, where, or how you receive your idea. But it matters greatly what you do next. You must take immediate action to move your idea forward. Hopefully your level of desire and excitement is so high that this will not be difficult.In my case, I could barely wait to get back to my apartment to begin the work. It excited me. I needed to know if someone had already created a GPS tour guide. This could have shot down my business before it started. I started my research that evening. I searched online looking for news articles, businesses, advertisements—anything that would tell me if someone had already developed my idea.But before I did that, I wandered around the Met Museum and looked at art.


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