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Hello all! My name is Lewaa! Thanks in advance for giving this the time.I got into software and web development to build applications that I really want to see in the world. That said, I realized quickly that I didn’t have the resources to invest in the more massive initiatives of my dreams, so I built some smaller applications and platforms in an attempt to get to some MRR that I could live off of/re-invest in the larger projects.Of the projects I’ve built, there are two that I believe I can immediately monetize. They are:1 – The Map of Tech – educational platform for people who want to build stuff but are hopelessly out of the know. The main advantage is that they’d have access to me too, which is mutually beneficial because they can talk to an experienced engineer and I can find people that may want to use my SaaS products/hire me for dev work.I really had intended this to be the top of my marketing funnel for my SaaS products. That said, I have recently finalized a main product. I call it the Website Development Kit, and it is found here: (honestly, I’m thinking of making it a name your price product at this point.) I did this to make it an appealing proposition to affiliate marketers, who, right now, can get 45% of a sale.2 – Youswers – an embeddable form app! Like JotForm but more geared towards developers/people who want a higher level of stylistic control (the HTML is generated on your own site on page load.) It’s currently a free platform.Aside from that, I’ve built other stuff to varying degrees of completion. If you’re interested, I can link a more comprehensive list.I share these details because maybe the products I’ve chosen to build are the inherent problem? Like, maybe they’re not original enough/I haven’t found a market fit? But even before then, I’m struggling to get traffic at all. I know I can build good stuff relatively quickly, but what can I do to transition from serial builder/developer to actually getting this in front of people and acquiring users? I don’t have the financial capacity for serious ad spend. I don’t want to spam Reddit/online communities. Creating/Finding an audience is really not my strong suit.I know it ultimately comes down to reaching and providing value to individuals. I really want to do that! It’d really motivate me if I could! But how do I ACTUALLY start? It’s not like I have a storefront where people know where to find me and vice versa.Any advice would be invaluable. Thanks!!!


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