For the last two years I’ve been writing down new business ideas everyday, I’ve written a free book featuring 101 of the best ideas, here’s the first 50 ideas. : Entrepreneur


Hello everyone,Craig here, fellow internet entrepreneur.For the last two years I’ve been writing down new business ideas everyday.I’ve filled many notepads with 1000’s of ideas.Weird ideas, bad ideas, fun ideas and great ideas.I’ve painstakingly gone through all of my notepads and picked the 101 best new business ideas.Below I’ve listed 50 from my free ebook which is available here.Feel free to use these ideas and make something of them : )Enjoy!Laundry LockerSet up a laundry service that washes your dirty clothes at the gym. Leave your dirty clothes in your gym locker. The service picks them up, washes them and puts them back in your locker. The business model could be a monthly subscription or per load basis.Coffee RunCreate an app where you can order coffee straight to your desk at work. The app would summon coffee runners in your office building to purchase and deliver hot coffee to your desk from local coffee shops. The coffee runners would get paid a delivery fee, the app would make a percentage on every sale.Off Peak OfficeCreate a website where you can book and use office space in off peak times from 6pm to 9am when the offices aren’t being used. Charge a commission on top of every off peak office booking.A.R. Personal TrainerCreate an app that uses augmented reality to create your very own virtual personal trainer. At the gym, your A.R. personal trainer will show you how to use the gym equipment and take you through exercise routines. The business model would be a monthly subscription or a one-off fee for the app.The World’s BestCreate a website that sells only the world’s best products. From cars to watches to vacuum cleaners. Sell only the very best of every product ever made. The business model would involve direct sales or earn affiliate commissions.Money Can’t BuyCreate a website that sells money can’t buy experiences. The site would feature experiences that are extremely rare and expensive. For example, you could sell the opportunity to join a ring walk at a world championship boxing match. Or get a one-on-one meeting with Richard Branson. The business model would be to make a commission on top of the sale of the experiences.Celebrity Morning RoutinesCreate a website that features morning routines of your favourite celebrities, including sports stars, film and television stars and business moguls. The site would feature celebrities taking you through their morning routines via video. The business model would involve charging a monthly fee to access the site.Moving MediaCreate a global media empire by selling advertising space on the side of trucks and vans. 1000’s of truck trailers are on the road each day. These spaces could be turned into huge billboards. Ad spaces would be booked and paid online. You could also charge for producing the ad creative.Speaker SpacesCreate an online marketplace that allows you to find and book venues exclusively for speaking engagements. The site would list all the details of the speaker spaces including capacity, equipment etc. Money would be from a booking fee added to the venue hire.Retro Arcade CentreOpen an old school arcade venue that features only retro, coin-operated arcade machines from the ’80s and early ’90s. You could charge an hourly fee for access, or let people pump money into the machines.Office Product PlacementCreate a company that sells product placement within companies. For example, you could charge to create and place branded coffee mugs within an office space. Another example would be branded stationery. Brands would pay your company to create branded products and also pay a fee to have them placed within their chosen office environment.The Commute ChannelCreate entertainment that is the length of people’s commute. The content would sit within an app where people enter their commute time. They would be presented with a range of podcasts, videos or short reads to consume that are the length of their travel. The business model would be an advertising model or pay a monthly subscription.Bike ValetCreate a valet service for bikes. Ride your bike to the front of your workplace, valet staff would grab your bike and lock it up somewhere secure while you’re at work. When you want to leave, summon the valet via an app. They bring your bike back to you ready to go. Valet staff could also service your bike for an additional fee. Riders would pay a monthly subscription or per valet fee.Package ConciergeA service in large apartment blocks that accepts packages on your behalf. Get your package delivered to a concierge who would hold your package and deliver it to you when you want. The business model could be a monthly subscription or per package. The package holders would also receive a fee for holding and delivering packages.Casual Uniform StoreA clothing store that sells casual uniforms. For example, you buy 5 sets of casual work clothes. Your casual uniform is exactly the same for each day. You just have a new set for each day. The casual uniforms would be chosen for you by a top stylist. The business model would be to charge people for a personal stylist and get a discount for buying 5 sets of exactly the same casual uniform.Urban ArmourCreate a range of designer bulletproof and stab-resistant streetwear. Create casual looking jackets, jeans and even underwear. Sell the range online or open a street store.Directors Cut FilmsCreate a website that streams only uncut or directors cut versions of films. Most films broadcast on streaming services have been cut down from the original to comply with regulations. The business model could be a monthly subscription or a fee for each film downloaded.Anti Snoop Smart Phone CoversCreate and sell mobile phone covers and lenses that stop people from snooping on your mobile phone screen whilst in public. Your screen could be viewed only by looking at it directly, and not from an angle to keep people out.Apartment FinderCreate a service that finds, views and organises you a new apartment or room rental. The apartment finder find would take the hassle out of the whole process. You could create an app that allows the apartment finder to present you with options for your approval. The apartment finder could even do your paperwork and move your stuff in.Luggage LuggerA service that picks up your luggage and takes it to the airport for you. The service would pick up your luggage at a designated time, transporting it out to the airport storing it securely for you. This service would be great for large families and less mobile people. The service would have to be much cheaper than a taxi to be cost-effective. Business model would be a one-off fee based on weight and distance.Ready Hotel RoomsA hotel room that features a whole wardrobe and range of products ready for you to wear and use. The ready hotel room would eliminate the need to pack and take a suitcase on your trip. Clothes and products would be preselected based on your existing wardrobe and home. Business model would be a premium fee placed on top of the hotel room fee.Winter WardrobeCreate a service that picks up, packs and stores your winter wardrobe over summer. The business model would be based on the volume and length of time stored. The clothes could also be dry cleaned whilst in storage.Sponsored Book CoversA unique way to create awareness of new books would be to create and distribute book cover sleeves. People could be paid to wrap the sponsored book cover over their book. This would be for people in high exposure areas like public transport. Business model would be charge people to create and distribute their book covers to people. People using the covers would be paid a small fee or given book discounts.Do Not Disturb Me ChairsCreate chairs for people who work in open plan offices that have a do not disturb sign built into them. Users could flip the sign on when they want to focus and not be disturbed by co-workers. Special chairs would have to be manufactured or you could create and sell signs that fit onto chairs.Personal Motivation ServiceCreate a service where a person would call you and send texts to motivate you. For example, they would motivate you to go to the gym, finish a project or get some study done. The business model would be a monthly subscription.Lifetime JeansCreate a jeans brand that will collect, repair and deliver your jeans back to you when they wear out. Especially good for those holes you always get in the crotch. The business model is simply selling jeans with a lifetime warranty.Dog-Friendly PlacesCreate a site that allows dog owners to find dog-friendly restaurants, pubs and places anywhere in the world. The business model could be charging people a small fee to list their business. Or selling advertising space on the site.On-Site Bike ServicingCreate a service that will send people out to fix your bike wherever you are. You could create an app that summons the service with a push of a button that would get to your location in minutes. The business model would be a monthly subscription.Pet AirCreate an airline that only flies pets and their owners. Seating within the aircraft would be specially designed with pets in mind. To keep things civilised there would be a 50 / 50 ratio of people to pets.New Employee Welcome PacksCreate a company that provides custom welcome packs for new employees at large companies. Like hampers but for new employees. The business model would be on a per pack basis which would be created and delivered on demand.Last Minute MoviesCreate an app that allows you to buy last-minute movie tickets at empty theatres. Because the movie theatres are empty at the last minute, the tickets would be cheaper to buy. The business model would be a small commission on the sale of each movie ticket you sell.Celebrity StoreCreate an e-commerce store that only lists products used and endorsed by celebrities and successful business people. The business model could be direct purchase or affiliate commissions.Safest NeighbourhoodsCreate a data-backed website that lists the safest areas to live in each city. The data would be supplied by the police or government. The business model would be a monthly membership for people or charge real estate agents to access the data.Analogue Restaurants and BarsSet up a chain of bars and restaurants that don’t allow any form of digital device. There is no wifi. The business model would encourage social interaction. The money would be made the normal way from selling food and drinks.Life, AutomatedSet up a website that features only products that automate every aspect of your life. From vacuum cleaners to automated pet feeders. Sell products directly or make money from affiliate sales.Weather FashionSet up a social media account or a website that has weather forecasts matched with fashion that is applicable to the temperature. For example, if it’s going to be just 10 degrees on Tuesday, have a picture of a fashion model wearing warm designer clothes. The business model could be paid sponsorships, or sell clothes directly.Haggle SchoolCreate a service that teaches people how to haggle better with advanced haggling techniques. Classes would be taught online or in person. A fee would be charged for the classes.Cracked Phone ConciergeMobile phone repair that comes to you. Book and pay for your repair online, the technician comes to your home or workplace and repairs your phone on the spot.Podcast Ad NetworkSet up a media agency that sells ad space on podcasts. Ad production could also be done by the company. The business model is creating and selling ad space on podcasts.Food Medicine StoreSet up an online store or real-life store that sells products based on what illness you may have. For example, I have a cold. Okay, we recommend these products x, y and z.The LifebrarySet up a bookstore or book recommendation site lists the best books to read when you’re at a certain point in your life. For example, the best books to read when starting a new business. Best books to read when you’re pregnant. Sell books directly or make a commission from affiliates.Training BuddyCreate an app or that allows you to find people to train within your local gym. Arrange time and place via an app. The business model could be a monthly subscription.A.R. Tour GuidesCreate an app that allows you to view augmented reality tour guides in your city. Guides would be on every corner telling you about the area. View and listen to the guides via your mobile phone. Business model selling the app in the app store for a one time fee.FlatematelySet up a monthly subscription business that supplies common household goods to share houses. For example, toilet paper, garbage bags and cleaning products. Payment for the service could be split between housemates. The subscription-only comes when each housemate has paid their fee.Blue Zone Food StoreA shop that sells only Blue Zone foods. A Blue Zone is a part of the world where people are most healthy and live the longest. A study found these people eat certain types of food, therefore, they live long, healthy lives. Blue Zone recipes and food kits could also be sold.Where I’ve BeenCreate a website that allows people to plot on a map where they’ve visited in the world. People could download and or print a poster of where they’ve been. The business model would be selling printed posters of world maps and where they’ve been. You could also monetise the site by offering advertising to travel companies.Dating Profile OptimizationCreate a service that will optimize people’s online dating profiles for maximum conversions. The service would offer professional profile writing done by the opposite sex and also professional profile photo photography packages.Hot People Only Dating AppCreate an app that only allows people of certain attractiveness to join. New members would be vetted for attractiveness. The business model could be a premium monthly subscription like other dating apps.Modern Speed DatingCreate an app that organises traditional speed dating. Use the app to view other speed daters, and also book and pay for speed dating sessions. The business model could be a per session fee or a monthly subscription.Quiet Neighbourhood FinderCreate a database that allows you to find the quietest neighbourhood in your city. The site would feature historical noise pollution data and noise pollution complaints data over time. A business model could be charging for a monthly membership, or data could be sold to real estate agents.


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