This is a 4-part live video training sessions. The total video running time is about 1 hour. Just enough to keep you excited and take action so you get awesome results upon implementation.

We already know that the ‘money is in the list’, but the real question is: how do you really get the list to give you that money? Because that is what really matters at the end of the day. So in this video training we explain proven methods.

It’s a very practical course that even a complete beginner can follow and get results with it. No fluff theory – only actionable steps to succeed.

Amongst others, you will learn:

  • The best way to test your email to make sure all the emails you sent will pass the spam filter. (Spam filter is your main enemy. By doing this test, you can win the war before the battle begins)

  • The unheard strategy to pass spam filter by sending more email than usual. (I know it sounds unbelievable but if you follow my instructions, your email will never end up in spam box or promotion tab).

  • Why it’s a bad idea to include a direct link to an affiliate offer, and how to place an affiliate link in your email properly.