Donald Trump On Making it in Business

An interview with Billionaire Real Estate Developer Donald Trump. This interview covers Business, Deals and Early life of Donald Trump. David Rubenstein interviews Donald Trump on his early life and experiences with business, his business career, best deals, politics and family. This interview offers a rare insight into Trumps business thought processes and insights. 📚 Books by Donald Trump are located at the bottom of the description❗

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Video Segments:
0:00 Introduction
0:58 Iowa
2:09 Are you thinking about politics
3:00 Try being a governor before president
4:19 Politics interfering with business
5:15 Early life
7:39 University
9:33 Going out on your own
10:47 Buying first hotel with no money (Commodore deal)
12:01 Trump Tower deal
14:13 Branding with your name
15:38 Enough billionaires to fill towers in New York
17:26 Surviving during downtimes
20:35 The Mar-A-Lago Club deal
25:27 Why is golf a good business
29:10 Donald Trump clothing
30:04 The Apprentice
34:52 Kluge estate deal
36:27 Postoffice building deal
40:28 Children
42:51 If you do not become president, how long will you keep working
45:10 Plane
45:48 Hair
46:37 Projection for the economy
49:19 Self doubt
50:55 Best part of being Donald Trump

Donald Trump Books 🇺🇸📈 (affiliate link)
Trump: The Art Of The Deal:
Trump: How to Get Rich:
Think Big: Make It Happen In Business and Life:
Think Like a Champion:

Interview Date: 15 December, 2014
Event: The Economic Club of Washington, D.C.
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