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I was doing my regular thing on product hunt and looked at some of the products listed over the past few weeks. Something clicked in my head and made me write out this rant:First off, let me preface my post by mentioning that I can understand that marketing involves a bit of sugarcoating and pristine packaging.I can (kinda) understand the fake it till you make it thing. But once you start getting customers and getting traction, why do marketers/companies still lie?But where’s the fine line between bullshit and exaggerating some claims?I’ve got a few examples I’d like to bring to the table that we’d always spot at r/entrepreneur Testimonials on websites are in most cases either fake or from industry buddies (nothing new here, right?). Even when the business isn’t just getting started anymore.Marketers are going crazy about things like social proof notifications types. I did a bit of digging and that shit’s fake too. Here’s one example of some biz that fakes your social proof for you (this took me like 5 mins of digging, click at your own peril).Doing a little more digging I found an entire blog post about this very problem.I was in conversation with a friend of mine who wanted to buy something from Amazon the other day. I told him to be careful cause lots of those positive reviews are fake, especially since FBA is super popular now. Again, I did a bit of digging. What did I find? Yep. You can buy reviews in the dozens for shit like Trustpilot, TripAdvisor, Amazon, and probably any other site.This issue even extends to review articles all over Google. It’s so damn hard to find an unaffiliated, unbiased, 100% legit review article anymore. They’re all written by clever affiliates who know how to add some small “disadvantages” to any product so that the review looks legit (but still subtly suggests that the product is worth the money). Again, here’s an example of a website entirely dedicated to shitting on competitors.Other examples… Limited-time deals are fake along with fake counters. Anything urgency based is fake. Every SaaS and their grandma is now “AI based”. The majority of them aren’t (I can tell you that on good authority working in the VC space). They just figured out that people are going crazy after anything that has AI in it and they want to ride the wave.I guess that ends my rant. As a long time lurker I thought I’d post for once. Heed my advice – being honest with your customers and website visitors pays dividends.Stay honest folks


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