6 AdWords Myths That Need To Be Debunked


Pay Per Click has emerged as a powerful digital marketing technique for businesses that look for fast results in terms of getting qualified leads and conversions. Google AdWords are perhaps the most widely used advertising option with PPC campaigns. But setting up a campaign with Google AdWords can be quite daunting for businesses as it involves bidding for keywords. Additionally, there are some myths and misconceptions that they usually come across. Debunking these myths can help you become more comfortable and confident about using AdWords. Here are a few big ones busted for you.
Myth #1: Google Ads do not get clicks
You may be dissuaded about investing in Google Ads because of the widely prevalent belief that they do not get clicks. The fact, however, is that Google earns millions of dollars in revenue every day, all because people are clicking the ads it displaays. People do click them and there are millions of clicks per day. If you do want to make your campaign work and get clicks, make sure that you target the right keywords and have a great ad copy and landing page.
Myth #2: Only a top spot makes your ad campaign successful
If you think that only the top spot will make your campaign a success, you may end up spending more and toppling your budget. Even positions 2,3, 4 or 5 can get plenty of clicks for your business. Of course, the number one spot gets you the branding advantage but being a little lower down does not mean that users will not consider your product and service. So you should use your ad budget smartly and aim for a high position with optimal spending.
Myth #3: A higher bid increases your visibility
Another common myth about Google AdWords is that a higher bid will maximize the visibility for your ads but this may not be totally true. Google considers number of factors while positioning the ads, including the competition, maximum bid, your Quality Score and the ad extensions you use. A high Quality Score, in fact, is crucial for making your campaign a success because it defines the relevance and quality of your ad. It is also important for lowering your cost-per-click (CPC) and increasing your return on investment (ROI).
Myth #4: Competitors will click your ads and cost you money
According to this website here, there are several benefits of investing in Google AdWords and they make a great way to get your brand on the top. However, competitors will make every effort to pull you down and clicking your ad to increase your spending may be one of them. However, you need not worry because Google makes sure that such click frauds are detected and addressed. It has a robust technology in place to track IP addresses for checking the origination of malicious clicks. So all you pay for is only legitimate clicks.
Myth #5: Landing page is not needed for AdWords
A landing page is the destination where the users are taken after they click a link on your ad. While you may have a specially designed landing page for the campaign, there is also the option to link the ad to a page that is not customized for it. But the fact is that a relevant landing page is essential for the success of an AdWords campaign because the users are most likely to bounce back if they do not find the relevant information on the page they reach after clicking the ad. Therefore, ensure that you have one relevant to the ad copy.
Myth #6: AdWords auction costs a lot
There is a notion that only large businesses with huge marketing budgets can afford this mode of online advertising. But this is not true in case of Google AdWords because it enables you to manage your ad spend judiciously by setting your daily budget as well as maximum bid to fit your spending capacity. Further, you have the flexibility to change your daily budget at any point in time. You even have the freedom to choose a maximum bid amount so that you have full control over the amount you pay for the ad.
Now that the entire myths and misconceptions about AdWords have been cleared out, you will be able to see them in a new perspective. The best approach to leverage them to your advantage would be to seek professional help of a seasoned AdWords marketer. These experts can help you design a result-oriented campaign that gets effective results without crossing your budget.


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