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For anyone who wants some help to step up their social media marketing, these are the tips I will be applying to my new business. I’m sure some of you will find value in this post, if you need further clarification let me know, I’d be happy to answer any questions :)(This is a fairly long post, so for those of you that prefer watching to reading, I also have a video about this:  https://youtu.be/fiJFJZysl68 )Value – Only post content that has value. No one cares about pics of coffee or selfies. The content itself has to contain value, not just the captions. Teach, inspire, explain, show, entertain, wow people, etc.Focus on them – and what they get out of it. It is not about you. It is about them. The content must be valuable to them. Understand your audience and what they find valuable. What you find and they find valuable may well differ.Engagement – If content is king, engagement is queen. You must engage with your audience. In the comments, in DMs, but don’t just stop there. Go out find others to engage with. Become a fan of your fans. Boost them up by interacting with their content. It will come back to you 10 fold as they will form greater attachments to you.Idea lists – Come up with a list of topics your brand can talk about. I put mine in an excel sheet. Focus on the general topics here, not the specifics. You will be making many posts around the same topics so don’t bother coming up with all your content right away. You just need to know the general areas which you can then make content in.Bulk creation or ‘batching’ – When creating one type of content, don’t just create that one post. Create many of them at once. It will be a more efficient use of your time. Pre make – Make 1 – 2 weeks worth of content in before hand. Give yourself a buffer so you can absorb the everyday swings of life while keeping that content game strong. Rhythm – Give your content a rhythm so people know what to expect and when to expect it. But like any great beat, it is the fills the extra spiciness that makes it great. So don’t be afraid to mix it up and throw in some polyrhythms in there.Schedule – Use something like creator studio or hootsuite to have your content pre loaded and ready to go in advance. Get your entire weeks content scheduled so you don’t have to worry about it each day and you can just focus on that interacting! Stay coherent – Stay on brand. Know the story you are telling. And make sure you don’t post content that isn’t relevant to it. It may be valuable, but if it isn’t coherent to your brands message, don’t post it. Visuals on point – We are visual creatures. They are more important than your words for social media. Doesn’t matter how valuable your content is, if it looks bad you won’t attract anyone to look at it. Hire designers and artists. Find them anywhere you can, fiver, upwork, instagram, college students. Get them to make everything look awesome for you. Paid promo, shoutouts + awareness ads – Boost your reach with awareness campaigns. Not pushing products here, just growing your brand and finding new fans.Once started we don’t stop. Ever. – Once that train leaves the station, there is no going back. If you stop, you die. You can not stop posting content for as long as this business exists.Squeeze the lemon – squeeze all the juice out of it. Don’t just use that piece of content the one time. If you have made a video, it can be split up and turned into blogs, emails, instagrams, tweets, tiktoks, etc. Squeeze all the life out of that post.Steal ideas from other great creators – Find great brands doing creative content and reverse engineer and use to make own content. Don’t just copy and paste, but use the principles to come up with your own, but better ;)Repeat your stories – This is how you never run out of content. Remember no one is paying attention to you. No one will remember your post from yesterday let alone from months ago. But don’t just repost your content again, tell it from different angles. Over and over and over. That is how you build a brand. So they start to connect that story with your business in their mind. Pick your story, and tell it often.Focus on main channels – at the start don’t try go after all platforms that will be too much for you. Focus on your main ones, the ones you know the best. Once they have grown and are stable, then expand into the others. For me I am starting with Instagram and TikTok, but then will move into email, twitter and YouTube. Facebook is basically dead, but content will be reposted from other channels onto it. Eventually, I will push into podcasts, Pinterest, snapchat, etc…


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