14 Conferences Sales Leaders Can’t Afford To Miss


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Sales can be a cutthroat world, but that doesn’t mean you need to isolate your sales strategy. Working with — and learning from — other leaders in the world of sales can give you insight into how to develop your practices and secure more revenue in the process.
Conferences are the best places to make these kinds of connections, and the right ones can be invaluable opportunities for learning, networking, and professional development. I’ve been a sales speaker at many of the sales events out there, and I can verify that there are both really good ones and really bad ones. 
Here are a few of the best sales conferences to make time for in 2020:
1. Unleash; April 7-9; San Diego, CA

Any great salesperson knows that sales departments never really operate alone. Unleash combines sales experts with leaders in operations, marketing, and business leadership in order to give attendees the most well-rounded experience possible. Just because there’s something at Unleash for everyone doesn’t mean sales junkies won’t be satisfied, however — speakers include the vice presidents of sales at Palo Alto Networks, Amazon Web Services, and more.
2. Rev2020; March 9-11; San Francisco, CA

Rev2020 is a sales conference designed to promote the interests of each and every one of its attendees. Though it features well over 100 different speakers, the real highlights of Rev2020 are the interactive workshops, each of which is designed to cater to the specific needs of the people involved. With a speaking lineup featuring everyone from Spike Lee to the CEO of SalesLoft, there’s something at Rev2020 for every sales all-star. 
3. AA-ISP Leadership Summit; April 14-16; Chicago, IL
With digital sales making up a larger and larger portion of overall sales every year, the AA-ISP Leadership Summit has become a marquee event for digitally focused innovators. AA-ISP features a healthy mix of large and small events, ensuring you have as many opportunities to make your voice heard as you do to hear from some of the field’s leading minds. 2020 exhibitors include Microsoft, Hoopla, and Accenture, making the networking opportunities invaluable. 
4. TOPO Summit; April 23-24; San Francisco, CA
The goal every salesperson wants to achieve is sustainable growth — regularly finding and securing new clients without having to worry about changes in the market. Getting to that level of growth is the name of the game at TOPO Summit, where more than 70 companies tell their stories of hitting the growth tracks they sought. In addition to top corporate exhibitors, TOPO Summit also features more than 60 speakers and sessions in just two days, guaranteeing there’s always something to do.
5. OutBound; May 5-8; Atlanta, GA
Few conferences are as on the pulse of what’s happening in business today as OutBound. Featuring speakers from across all industries and specializing in all aspects of sales, OutBound’s structure makes it perfect for entire sales teams looking to undergo development together. By starting with conference-wide sessions before moving into specialized 90-minute workshops, OutBound allows its attendees to hone specific skills while getting a sense of the larger picture.
6. SiriusDecisions Summit; May 3-6; Austin, TX
The 2020 SiriusDecisions Summit’s theme is “Energy,” and that’s good news for anyone looking to attend. From the keynotes to the networking opportunities, SiriusDecisions Summit 2020 is poised to showcase the speed and intensity at which the world of sales is progressing. One of the conference’s most unique aspects is its marketplace, an all-in-one venue for people to connect with the best and brightest businesses and individuals in the world of sales today.
7. Pulse; May 13-14; San Francisco, CA
When it comes to sales conferences, it can be easy to forget the importance of the customer. Pulse is one of the world’s leading conferences focused on customer success, and professionals of any type can benefit from attending — though salespeople should take special notice. Whether you’re a beginner in the world of customer service or a seasoned veteran, Pulse offers the opportunity to develop the most valuable skill in all of sales: human connection.
8. Tenbound Sales Development Conference; June 18 in New York City, NY and August 17 in San Francisco, CA
Claiming to be the world’s only conference focused entirely on sales development, Tenbound is undoubtedly one of the must-attend sales events of 2020. With events in both New York and San Francisco, the Tenbound Sales Development Conference has been designed to cater to anyone looking to bolster his or her sales growth in the new decade. By placing equal emphasis on keynote speeches and fireside chats, Tenbound guarantees an engaging experience for attendees.
9. HYPERGROWTH; May 6; London, UK
Few conferences live up to their names like HYPERGROWTH does. Taking place on a single day, this conference is jam-packed with energy, dynamism, and a complete distaste for any and all rules. By packing so much content into so little time, HYPERGROWTH perfectly curates the experience of every attendee, ensuring that people walk away with the same message of disruption and inspiration on their minds.
10. Sales Success Summit; October 12-13; Austin, TX
In a world full of overcrowded and overhyped conferences, the Sales Success Summit is a welcome break from the norm. Those who sign up for the 2020 iteration receive all of the videos taken at last year’s event and are also invited to monthly Zoom calls in order to develop meaningful relationships long before the actual event starts. Emphasizing intimate venues and person-to-person interaction, the Sales Success Summit is a great break from some of the sales world’s more impersonal conferences. 
11. Dreamforce; November 9-12; San Francisco, CA
Salesforce’s annual innovation conference is already a draw in and of itself, but its recent focus on sustainability has made it a particularly attractive destination for forward-thinking salespeople. With consumers more interested in green purchases than ever, Dreamforce can provide a unique opportunity to gain a new perspective on how your sales strategy can be shaped by sustainable thinking. 
12. CSO & Sales Leader Conference; October 6-8; Las Vegas, NV
Gartner’s yearly conference is specially designed to showcase the bleeding edge of sales enablement. The CSO & Sales Leader Conference is particularly good for those looking to develop their team’s sales skills, focusing on how CSOs can facilitate team success while maximizing their own. With a set of attendees comprised entirely of some of the world’s most qualified salespeople, the networking opportunities Gartner provides are second to none.
13. Leadscon; March 30-April 1; Las Vegas, NV
If your big development goal for 2020 is lead generation, a weekend in Las Vegas might do you more good than you’d think. Featuring seven different conference tracks to choose from, Leadscon offers a number of opportunities to hone the specific leads-focused skills you need. With one of the best corporate sponsorship lineups of 2020 featuring Wells Fargo, Google, Aflac, and more, Leadscon is a great opportunity to gain valuable tools and bolster your Rolodex at the same time.
14. Sales 3.0 Conference; dates throughout the year in Orlando, FL; Las Vegas, NV; and Toronto, ON 
The Sales 3.0 Conference brings together sales experts across the spectrum, welcoming everyone from operations to enablement. Speakers at Sales 3.0 aren’t just experts in sales, but also in leadership, technology, analysis, and more — giving you a well-rounded look at all of the different factors that contribute to sales success. With iterations popping up all over the country in 2020, there’s no excuse for missing a Sales 3.0 event this year.
Delivering healthy sales numbers doesn’t just mean staying ahead of the competition. It also means having a broad network and an up-to-date set of skills to draw upon. The right conferences can give you those two things — and provide a memorable getaway in the process.


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